The case of Davit Tonoyan, Artak Davtyan and others was sent to court

The case of Davit Tonoyan, Artak Davtyan and others was sent to court

The indictment in the case of former Minister of Defense Davit Tonoyan, Chief of General Staff Artak Davtyan, former Deputy Chief of General Staff Stepan Galstyan, director of the company supplying weapons to the Ministry of Defense Davit Galstyan (Patron Davo) and 3 other people has been confirmed and sent to court. The information was confirmed in a conversation with CivilNet by the head of the Public Relations Department of the Prosecutor’s Office Arzhik Khachatryan.

At the end of 2021, the preliminary investigation of the case was announced և the parties were given time to get acquainted with the materials.

Davit Tonoyan was arrested on suspicion of committing large-scale embezzlement. He was charged in the process of supplying ammunition for the needs of the Armed Forces in the framework of a criminal case initiated on the case of abuse of official powers by the high-ranking officials of the RA Ministry of Defense կատար committing official falsifications. On September 30, the National Security Service announced that David Tonoyan, as well as the director of “Moston Engineering” company David Galstyan, also known as “Patron David”, were involved in a particularly large amount of money in the case of embezzling more than 2 billion drams.

Davit Tonoyan was charged with Article 179, Part 3, Clause 1 of the Criminal Code (using his official position, embezzlement on a large scale by a group of persons with prior consent), Artak Davtyan with Article 375, Part 3 (government abuse of power, inaction or inaction of the government), Stepan Galstyan under Article 375, Part 3 և Article 314, Part 1 (inserting obviously false information or notes in official documents by an official), Davit Galstyan under Article 178, Part 3 Article 325, Part 1 (fraud committed on a particularly large scale) և Article 325, Part 1 (falsification of a right or exemption certificate or other official document).

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