No historical map of Armenia was shown. Netflix is ​​not blocked in Turkey

No historical map of Armenia was shown.  Netflix is ​​not blocked in Turkey

Hovhannes Nazaretyan


In the Armenian domain of the Internet, information is actively circulating in the media that a map of Armenia’s historical borders was allegedly shown in the American Netflix documentary series about the Second World War.

Source of information: is the website whose article mentions that the map has caused a stir in Turkey. The site links to two Turkish sources. The first is the Twitter account of the Turkish Maritime Global Strategies Center (TÜRKDEGS) publication: and the second to Yeni Akit newspaper Article: about the map. The first condemned the map, and the second noted that the citizens demanded the blocking of Netflix in Turkey.

A number of Armenian media outlets, including:,,,,,, Moreover, the news site of the Public Television,, wrote that Netflix has already been blocked in Turkey.

Armenia is not represented by historical borders

Map taken from Netflix Greatest Events of WWII in Color: From the 5th episode of the documentary series “The Greatest Events of the Second World War in Colors” about the Battle of Stalingrad. The TV series was released in 2019.

It is noteworthy that studying the map, we find out that, despite the media claims, Armenia is represented not by historical, but by current borders, which was the same during World War II. Only the name ARMENIA, due to the small size of Armenia, is mostly written on the territory of Turkey. In the same way, most of the names of Georgia and Azerbaijan are written on the Caspian Sea. Moreover, the map clearly shows the territory of Armenia, which, like other Soviet republics, is painted yellow, and the territory of Turkey, including Western Armenia, is completely blue.

In other words, the map shows the eastern regions of Turkey, the same historical Western Armenia as not part of Armenia. The whole noise is, in fact, groundless.

The mistake of public television

Referring to, it’s on the topic referred to: he և Public Television news site It is noteworthy, however, that the article English version: The headline claims that Netflix has already been blocked in Turkey, again referring to

However, there is no information about the blocking of Netflix in Turkey. There is no word about that in the article of Moreover, this topic was not mentioned in any other Turkish media, except for the two Turkish sources mentioned above.

Thus, the spread information that Armenia is presented in the Netflix documentary series with historical borders is wrong. The information mentioned in the English section of the Public Television news website that Netflix has been blocked in Turkey is wrong.

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