Gazprom Armenia offers to equalize the price of gas for everyone

Gazprom Armenia offers to equalize the price of gas for everyone

Hayk Hovhannisyan

A few days ago it became known that “Gazprom Armenia” intends to apply Public Services Regulatory Commission (PSRC) to review gas tariffs.

According to “Gazprom Armenia”, published on January 12 announcement: The company proposes to set the price of natural gas delivered to Armenia (at the border) from April 1 at $ 165 per 1,000 cubic meters at 7,900 kcal / cubic meter at low heat և $ 177.3 at 8,500 kcal / cubic meter. According to the new calculation methodology, the price of gas at the border will change in direct proportion, depending on the actual average calorific value of gas that month.

Until now, the price of gas for Armenia was calculated at the border, taking into account only the volume – the non-actual caloric content, which was always higher than the lower calorie (7,900 kcal / cubic meter).

For example, in 2021 it is on the border with Armenia on average has made 8 450 kcal / cubic և if it stays the same this year, it turns out that the tariff will be about 177 dollars.

In addition, “Gazprom Armenia” offers to change the price of gas for end consumers, equalizing it for different groups.

The current tariff for residents is 139 drams per cubic meter, and the price for consumers considered to be socially vulnerable families is 100 drams. The proposed changes set a variable price for these consumers, which will depend on the actual calorific value of the gas.

Change of gas tariffs at the suggestion of “Gazprom”

For actual small consumers, the gas price will be 8,500 kcal / cubic meter 135 AMD decreasing by 2.45%.

It is different from the government by decision The issue of the price of gas supplied to socially vulnerable families, which “Gazprom” proposes to increase by about 35%: From 100 drams 135 drams for gas at 8,500 kcal / cubic meter.

It is proposed to increase the price of gas for organizations engaged in greenhouse farming, canning, beverages, dairy products. It will be in 2021 has made on average 113 drams. It is proposed to apply the same price calculation formula for these consumers as for consumers operating thermal power plants, in fact, it will equalize all other consumers: 136 drams In conditions of 8,500 actual heat output. That is, the growth will make about 17%.

For greenhouses, however, the company offers to calculate it from April to November on the example of small consumers, which at the current exchange rate is actually the same as for other consumers – 135-136 drams.

The price will depend on the dollar exchange rate է will be calculated “Price = 282.6 * $ foreign currency” with a formula at a temperature of 8,500 kcal.

For large consumers, it is recommended to be guided by this formula. On average, they paid 129 drams for 2021 cubic meters of gas. Inflation is about 5%.

It should be noted that this mechanism of price-based recalculation due to calories was to be introduced on January 1, 2017, “On the procedure for raising prices during the delivery of natural gas by the governments of Armenia and Russia” signed in Yerevan in 2013. by agreement, which, however, was not realized.

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