Entrance: after living in a wagon cabin for 25 years

Entrance: after living in a wagon cabin for 25 years

The Babayan family celebrated the New Year in a caravan for 25 years. The extremely modest size of the Christmas tree has always been adapted to the space, and the family’s only dream of having a home has remained unchanged. Three children grew up in an unattractive 27 square meter iron shelter. The first grandchild of the Babayans was born there, whose childhood, fortunately, will not pass in the same way. The New Year of 2022 entered the life of this family with the principle of “everything is new”. The next caravan, with its memories, will be forgotten, and the Babayans will live in a spacious four-room house.

The Babayans, who live in the Kanakeravan community of the Kotayk region, celebrated the New Year with the old calendar with the heads of the organizations that helped them turn the half-built house into home: Viva-MTS and the Fuller Housing Center. For partners over the years, not only can people improve their living conditions, but also a positive change in their psychology.

The mother of the family has dreamed of spacious and bright rooms, a clean, comfortable house, not only during the holidays, but also every opening morning, for 25 years. Now the dreams and the once sad look have changed.

“During the winter months, the thin iron walls of the caravan did not keep the heat of the burning stove inside. The temperature inside was dropping for minutes. The kitchen was outside, I do not want to talk about the bathroom մարդիկ On holidays people were receiving guests, and in our cabin, one or two, there was no place to sit. It was difficult, of course. It all seems like a bad dream today. “Without help, who knows how many more years our deprivation would have lasted,” said the hostess, Armida.

The ten-year success of Viva-MTS համատեղ “Fuller Housing Center” joint housing program speaks for itself. 391 families in all regions of Armenia received assistance.

“We have been implementing the housing program for ten years already. Everything seems to be the same, but there are subtleties. There are two commonalities. The dream of families և our goal. The rest is different. These people who have gone through hardships are different from the lives they have lived. Each of them has gone his own way of overcoming problems. Our goal is one: to get people out of a hopeless situation, to create the foundations for their future, to strengthen their will and faith. I am convinced that the new living conditions and the fact of having a support will completely change the life of this family. This change is the unit of measurement that allows us to consider our joint program a success, ”said Viva-MTS General Manager Ralph Yirikian.

“The goal of our program is to solve the housing problems of families in need of housing, to provide minimum conditions. A person relieved of social problems will be free to create, to enjoy the present, to make more far-reaching plans for the future. “We try to give people that opportunity,” said Ashot Yeghiazaryan, president of the Fuller Housing Center.

In 2021, 87 families received support within the framework of the housing program implemented in ten regions of Armenia.

Viva-MTS (MTS Armenia CJSC) is the leading mobile operator in Armenia, which has the largest network, providing a wide range of voice and data transmission services throughout Armenia. Based on the activity of best serving the interests of its subscribers, since the day of its establishment in 2005. From July 1, Viva-MTS was able to create a nationwide network in a short period of time – a large database of subscribers. Viva-MTS is a leader in innovation, pursuing all developments in the field for the benefit of the country’s mobile telecommunications market. Viva-MTS is guided by the international standards of ISO 26000 – Social Responsibility, ISO / IEC 27001: 2013 – Information Security Management System, as well as ISO 37001 – anti-corruption and anti-corruption standards. For more information, visit: www.mts.am:

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The Fuller Housing Center of Armenia is a charitable non-governmental organization that helps low-income families in the Republic of Armenia to build, renovate simple, comfortable, affordable homes by providing them with long-term, interest-free loans. motivation to act. The monthly repayments form a working capital and are used to support other families, thus becoming a sustainable financial basis for community development. To date, the organization has supported about 1,300 families. For more information, visit www.fcharmenia.org or write [email protected] to the address:

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