Armenian cars do not drive on the Goris-Kapan road, locals say

Armenian cars do not drive on the Goris-Kapan road, locals say

From November 10, 2021 On the Goris-Kapan road Azerbaijan set up customs checkpoints and started charge money from cars traveling on the road. Recently, there have been publications in the Armenian press entitled “Armenian businessmen pay customs duties to Azeris to go to Iran.” CivilNet Goris journalist Emilia Khachatryan talked to the residents of Karahunj, drivers and employees of the Armenian checkpoint to find out what is really happening.

Karahunj settlement, which is part of Goris community, became border after the 44-day war, it is located directly on the Goris-Kapan main highway. The residents of the village witness the movement of cars on the highway every day. They say that no Armenian car, no Armenian driver goes that way ․ Only Iranian trucks are observed.

Truck driver Garik Martirosyan, who transports cargo to Kajaran, says that no driver goes, no matter how urgent, because they have no guarantee what will happen to them.

“It is very difficult to go through Tat, there are many bends, it is especially difficult to pass through Khotana village. We all call on God not to snow in that part. “Armenians definitely do not go, and Iranians, if they want to go, pay 130-150 dollars,” says Garik Martirosyan.

Artik Avetyan lives in Karahanj, he sells gasoline and oil on the Goris-Kapan road. He had trade relations with Iranians and used to support his family in that business.

“Five Iranian trucks buy the most a day. There are days and weeks, there are not even five, one or two trucks are barely noticeable, and Armenian cars are not noticeable at all, ”says Artik Avetyan.

To the question of CivilNet how much the Iranians pay at the Azerbaijani checkpoint, he answers ․ «They pay 130-260 dollars, depending on what kind of cargo they transport. If it is a dangerous cargo – gas, oil, they pay $ 250. If they return from Armenia, whether there is a cargo or not, they must pay $ 130. ”

One of the interlocutors of CivilNet, Suren Sargsyan, a resident of Karahunj, says that “the drivers of the Iranian trucks are of Azerbaijani nationality, whoever is of Iranian nationality, he is taking an alternative route.” According to Suren, there were cases when he offered the employees of the Russian checkpoint to pay money and go ahead, but they did not let him.

The Armenian border guards standing at the Armenian checkpoint leave only the villagers, who have gardens beyond the Armenian checkpoint. They take personal data և telephone number at the checkpoint. They say that “a couple of months ago the situation was different ․ “Armenian cars were being assembled, the Russian border guards were accompanying them, but now there is no such opportunity for Armenians.”

“We do not allow any car with an Armenian license plate to go ahead, because if they do, no one is responsible for the safety of their lives after that,” they say.

Emilia Khachatryan, Goris

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