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Aleppo ․  beyond wishes – CIVILNET

We all wished each other big and small, beautiful and kind wishes…

Is not it time for all of us to do good and good deeds for each other?

It is time:

If we are to talk about Aleppo, we must say that it is true that our officials helped the people as much as they could during the past years, but their attention was still focused on the signals that ensure the continuity of the collective life of the colony. They managed to ensure the viability of schools and unions. There was no need to worry about the church, the church itself has always been a helper.

The thinning of the colony comes to tell us that it is equally and more important to take care of the souls of each family. Only food for the families, and giving them financial support to survive is something to be left to the whims of fate.

Of course, we have to keep our schools, but for what, if there will be no school attendees left? After all, in 2021, only 45-50 Armenian children were born in Aleppo, 150 in the previous two years, and 500-550 during the whole 5-6 years before that. Birth rates throughout the world have dropped dramatically already. In a few years, if there is no emigration, the total number of Armenian students in 5 Armenian secondary schools, two secondary schools and one pre-school in Aleppo will not exceed one thousand.

The expenses of a child are so huge that the financial gifts provided to the newborn by the responsible bodies can not have a special meaning. It is true that Armenian institutions provide some help to Armenian children, a non-Armenian Christian church provides them with free milk, but all this only lightens the burden of the parents with a very small percentage, so it is natural that most young couples are satisfied with one child. :

The child also increases his expenses. We do not mean school scholarships, because scholarships for the needy are provided by unions, other institutions and individual benefactors, but the child or teenager has to spend a fortune to buy a piece of turmeric, a pie, salty or sweet food. can now cause a rift in our miserable entourage.

The young man, who is becoming young, does not know where he will get the money he needs. If you do not study at a state university, it will cost a lot of money, which is why male and female students also work, which often causes them to lag behind in their studies. While there is so much to learn, and in Aleppo universities, the level of education is very low and has created a big gap in the knowledge of our graduates, who will close this gap, if not our unions, whose responsible bodies, as our leaders, They should be obliged to organize various free courses or workshops, giving our boys and girls the opportunity to keep pace with the present.

After graduation, young people start thinking about getting engaged, because every boy has a girlfriend, this thought lasts a long time, so long, there are so many obstacles. If he is the only son of the house, he has no army, then he can finish and stay in the country, otherwise he should not leave the country, because no one wants to serve in the army for seven or eight or ten years. Suppose young lovers dare to get engaged, how will they get married, where will they live? The only way is to stay in the house of a relative who has left the country; fortunately there are relatives who rent their houses until they are sold at a reasonable price; the story of selling this house is another nightmare for the residents. …

: I believe that our organizations can work together to make our young people homeowners, not by donating their homes, but by building buildings and selling them long-term, interest-free apartments.

Those who have young children are more worried. How will they cover the expenses of the family, whether they reach the big one or the small one?

Our leaders have the right to expect the people to be thankful, but do they have the right to be satisfied with what they have done?

Armenians all over the world want the Aleppo Armenian community to remain, to restore and flourish more.

“The colony must remain, the mother colony must remain,” shouting would not get us where we wanted.

How many Armenians are left in Aleppo? Does anyone know? We all only make assumptions, and those assumptions vary between eight, ten, fifteen thousand. Is it not possible to conduct a census, to know the exact picture of the colony, our number, the nature of our work, our age, etc., and to determine accordingly what our needs are?

Those in need should be in charge of us, the caretaker of the needs, all of us, with a single leadership, the Central Emergency and Rehabilitation Authority, which until a few years ago seems to have ceased to exist, should not be named after him. It is time for unity of law, it is time for one responsible person to help all the children of the people equally, to create a united body.

Perhaps this body will also notice that it is time for the emergence of foundations, the emergence of separate funds planned to solve problems, some of the existing resources of which must remain intact. These inviolable sums will increase over the years, as well as their stable incomes, which will be used to reduce our issues.

When will we understand the need for foundations in the life of communities?

In a word, the best wishes to the homeland, the people of Armenia and Artsakh, to the whole Armenian people are good, kind, beautiful, but they will not go beyond the wish, they will not come true if we do not work together.

What do you say?

Manuel Keshishian

January 12, 2022

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