About Vanadzor City

About Vanadzor City

Armenian third largest city Vanadzor

Vanadzor city in Lori province Armenia’s third-largest , with a great population of about 105,000 people.

There are many churches here. There are Armenian and Russian churches.

Most of the attractions in Lori are along the Debed River canyon to the north, or around Stepanavan, and despite the fact that Vanadzor may be used as a base to discover those due to its perfect transport connection, finding a place closer to them might be the ultimate.

Vanadzor in Soviet union times

Vanadzor, formerly Karaklis or (1935–93) Kirovakan, city, northern Armenia. It lies at the confluence of the Pambak, Tandzut, and Vanadzoriget rivers. In 1826 the villages of Bolshoy and Maly Karaklis were merged into the town of Karaklis. Construction of the Tiflis-Karaklis-Alexandropol railway at the end of the 19th century speeded the town’s development. In 1935 the name of Karaklis was officially changed to Kirovakan to honor the Soviet official Sergey Kirov.

  • Church of the Nativity

Church of the Holy Mother of God, Vanadzor

Church of the Holy Mother of God, Vanadzor

Church of the Holy Mother of God, Vanadzor

Church of the Holy Mother of God, is a 19th-century church in Vanadzor, Armenia. It was constructed between 1828 and 1830 and consecrated in 1831. The construction was completed through the donation of Yuzbashi (captain) Piluman Tayiryants, during the reign of tsar Nicholas I of Russia and Catholicos John VIII of Armenia.

The new church was built with orange and black colored tufa stones brought from Gyumri. It represents a single-nave domed basilica. In 1853, a school was opened in the churchyard.



  • Vanadzor fine art museum
Vanadzor fine art museum

Vanadzor fine art museum

Greater than 1,700 exciting and identified works of artwork beautify the three public exhibition floors of the Vanadzor Museum of satisfactory Arts. touring and brief exhibits accompany the Museum’s permanent exhibitions, making frequent visits to the Museum thrilling and academic for all.

  • Travel guide and Vanadzor hotels

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  • We selected 10 hotels in Vanadzor
hotels vanadzor

Hotels Vanadzor

Kirvakan Hotel, Royal Palace Hotel, Baron Hotel, Vanadzor Armenia Hotel, Lori Resort, ValDa Hotel on Tumanyan, Maghay Hotel, Van Garden, and Cottages in Vanadzor.

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Vanadzor is a resort center in northern Armenia due to its mild climate, clean air, and mineral springs. Many hotels and spa resorts are built in the city and the nearby countryside. The city is connected with other major cities of Armenia with a railway and a motorway. View of Armenia Resort from lake.jpg Vanadzor Armenia Health Resort & Hotel is among the most significant resorts with water treatment procedures (mineral water “Lori”) and mud/peat treatment.

Center of the city Vanadzor

Shop Fresh at the Lachin Open Market

Vanadzor has a great little open market called Lachin in the center of the city where you can get all fresh fruits and vegetables. Everything is coming from local villages and farms.

We find visiting markets when you’re traveling can really help you give you a first impression of a place and you can learn a lot about a destination by its market(s). Vanadzor is no exception.

  • Historical locations in Vanadzor

Grasp Out in Vanadzor (Lori region) rectangular (Hayk square)

discover the coronary heart of the Vanadzor through its primary square, also called Hayk square, where you may see an ornate structure like that municipality building, town hall, and other astounding constructions.

within the hotter season, there’s continually a fountain that turns into a making a song fountain in the evenings and is a can’t-miss Vanadzor enchantment if you’re there at night time.

There also are interesting Soviet sculptures on the left side of the rectangular in case you are facing the municipality constructing. They characterize struggle, electricity, hard work, development, and expertise… don’t miss out on seeing them!

  • Vanadzor botanical garden
Vanadzor botanical garden

Vanadzor botanical garden

Vanadzor Botanical garden turned into based in 1936 and is positioned on the southern stop of the city of Vanadzor, about 1400 – 1450 meters above sea stage. more than a thousand types of flowers develop there, and the maximum of the plants are representatives of the subsequent families: Pinaceae, Cupressaceae, Rosaceae, Caprifoliaceae, Salicaceae, Oleaceae, and Fabaceae.



St. Grigor Narekatsi Armenian Church of Vanadzor (Saint Gregory of Narek cathedral)

St. Grigor Narekatsi Armenian Church of Vanadzor (Saint Gregory of Narek cathedral)

St. Grigor Narekatsi Armenian Church of Vanadzor (Saint Gregory of Narek cathedral)

The groundbreaking service for the new cathedral of the diocese of Gugark took place in May 2002. In 2003, His Holiness Karekin II; the Supreme Patriarch and Catholicos of All Armenians, conducted the blessing service for the foundation of the cathedral. The construction of the cathedral was completed in 2005 and named after Saint Gregory of Narek, to commemorate the 1000th anniversary of his Book of Lamentations.